Turbo the Flying Dog is an aviation themed book series based off the real life adventures of author Victoria Neuville’s dog. In December 2012 Neuville, a commercial pilot, a flew from her home in Maryland to West Virginia to adopt a puppy from a local rescue. Turbo was the only appropriate name for the pup, who took to flying right from the beginning. Since then, Turbo has logged over 100 hours of flight time, including flying to Canada and the Bahamas! Fans of the Turbo series can follow his real-life adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Victoria Neuville and Turbo – Author


Victoria Neuville is a commercial pilot working in aviation insurance. Her dog, Turbo, is a 20 pound mix – the DNA test said he was Chinese Crested, Chinook and Collie! He was adopted on New Years Eve of 2012. He is an avid aviator and enjoys taking vacations with his pilot mom, mostly by air in their airplane.


About Kelly Kennedy and Olive – Author


Kelly Kennedy is a newspaper publisher and minored in creative writing in college. She believes strongly in animal rescue and animal advocacy. Her dog, Olive, debuts in book 2 and is a schnoodle (part schnauzer, part poodle) and she has been living a life of excitement since her adoption in 2011.



About Michelle Zajko – Illustrator


Michelle Zajko was a fan of Turbo from the start and did not hesitate to answer the authors’ call when seeking an illustrator for the book series. Michelle is a science student at Cabrini College and a freelance illustrator.